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Celebrating 100 years – not once but twice!

There must be something special going on St Agnes’ House (SAH) with two residents celebrating their 100th birthday within a couple of weeks of each other!

The wonderful ladies Beryl Klump (born 20 October 1921) and Ohna Milanovik (born 3 November 1921) enjoyed separate celebrations  with fellow residents, staff and  family for their centenaries.

For Beryl…a beautiful morning tea at SAH with Residents and Staff, before Beryl enjoyed an outing to celebrate with family members. Lots of cake, cups of tea and fun! Beryl was very happy to celebrate!

For Ohna… it was cake and tea with fellow residents and staff then out with family for a meat pie on Town Green (as was her birthday wish), a catch up with former SAH staff members and time at Sail-ability…! Ohna returned to SAH delighted and ready to party on!

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