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Wellbeing Forum well received

On Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 February, St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle held Wellbeing Forums with the theme of Seniors Wellbeing & Community.

The event was open to current Village Residents, families, friends and the broader local community. Specialist presenters were invited to equip and educate the audience with insights on how seniors’ well-being can be supported in today’s environment.

Expo style tables were set up with the intention that individuals, families, community partners would be informed of the resources and services available locally and transparency around how these resources and services can be accessed, enabling individuals to live their fullest life.

This was another excellent opportunity for St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle to support individuals and their families on the journey of Aged Care by strengthening community connectedness and developing opportunities for engagement and fulfilment through lifestyle and pastoral care.

The events were such a success that a second Seniors Wellbeing Forum will be scheduled for later in the year. Thank you to all the guest speakers and the table hosts for your valuable contribution to the successful outcome.

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