Armchair adventures to Turkey for Emmaus residents in lead up to ANZAC day

In preparation for ANZAC Day on 25 April, the residents of Emmaus Home took an ‘armchair trip’ to Turkey on 17 April to celebrate its rich culture, and to remember the significance of Australia’s relationship with Turkey in modern times as one of reconciliation and friendship.

On ANZAC Day we commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of the ANZACs who fought in the Gallipoli Campaign during World War I. This historic event forged a bond between Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey that continues to shape our relationship today.

Armchair Travel to Turkey

With this in mind, the innovative Emmaus Lifestyle team, dressing up in costume to set the scene, took the residents on the armchair trip of a lifetime. Beginning with a full In-Flight Safety Briefing demonstrated by the Flight Crew, the residents made the 20 hour and 40-minute trek to Istanbul.

There was in-flight entertainment, a traditional Belly Dancer (Alexis Berry from Angels of Miriam) who performed her Turkish/Romani styled dance, a bit of a history lesson, and the geography, landmarks and native animals of Turkey were also explored. All were well received by the captivated the audience.

Special guest pilot, Kaden McLellan, led a ‘Dabke Dance’, modelled a traditional Turkish outfit for Ramadan and shared a basic lesson on the Turkish language. Kaden is extremely proud of his Turkish heritage and was thrilled to share it with the residents.

Nita, a volunteer, served and ushered residents in, with support from the new Emmaus Village staff.

In the spirit of the event, Dean and team at St Agnes’ Food Services (aka the Marian Centre) put on lovely traditional Turkish appetisers, including kebabs and cucumber dip, for morning tea which the residents really enjoyed. Authentic Turkish Delight (Lokum), prepared in-house by the team at Little Turkey Café was also on the menu.

Three prizes, donated by local Turkish businesses, were raffled in support of the day.

As the group reflected on the events of Gallipoli, they were also reminded of ‘Service before self’, one of our Parish values. The courageous Anzacs exemplified this noble principle as they faced tremendous challenges and sacrificed their lives for the greater good. Their unwavering spirit and dedication to duty continue to inspire generations around the world. Lest we Forget.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the first Emmaus ‘Armchair Travel’ trip. Next month it is destination, Holland (the Netherlands).

New member of the Emmaus Lifestyle team, Jodie Mclellan, also extended her thanks to Emmaus Home for making her feel so welcome!  Welcome also to Nicole Van Vledder, who joins the Emmaus Lifestyle team after moving across from the Ancillary team.

Afternoon Bus Trip continues Turkish theme

That afternoon, the regular Bus outing managed by bus driving legend, Steve Powell, also took on a Turkish flavour with a visit to Little Turkey Café (1/18 Park Street, near the Marina).

The residents who participated in the bus trip were thrilled to discuss their ‘Armchair Travel’ morning with delightful Turkish hosts, Mary and Yeser, providing a warm welcome and willingly answered any questions. Why not consider adding them to you list of lunch venues?

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