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Our Service Model

Our Service Model is a sustainable, visionary network of services that provides the best quality of life for our local community regardless of any health or financial constraint.

It has four key principles:

Empowerment | Choices | Connections | Spirituality


We believe individual empowerment involves self-determination for each person to take responsibility for themselves, to express ideas and make decisions.

We are partners in enabling this principle by preserving the uniqueness of each person through a shared decision-making approach to care, utilising research and technology solutions and employing staff that are proactive in empowering those in their care.


We believe all members of our communities are individuals with their own wants, needs and desires, who should be able to live they lifestyle they choose.

We compassionately support people to best understand the options available to make the choices to improve quality of life.

Our staff are committed to this approach, serving people from all backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles.


We believe community connections promote a sense of belonging, improved health and positive wellbeing regardless of the physical or cognitive diagnosis of the person.

Connections may be made in a social context or with the natural environment and may comprise familiar or new experiences that encourage growth of knowledge and skills. Our approach enables opportunities for people to establish cross-generational relationships and engage with those living locally or with the broader community.


We believe that spirituality is what gives purpose to our lives. Spirituality is about hope and the meaning we wish to dedicate to our lives. We believe Spirituality is part of a holistic approach to improving wellbeing for people based on the Catholic ethos of respect and dignity for the human person.

Our approach to spirituality is integral to the way we help people connect to each other, themselves and the world around them. We provide support and guidance for people from all backgrounds and beliefs to feel loved and become involved in activities that nourish their spirit.

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We are underpinned by Catholic faith and teachings

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