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Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Retirement Living can benefit from our lifestyle programs.

Making the choice to live in one of our villas ensures you always have a supportive caring trusted community around. Village life focuses strongly on fostering social connections and encouraging visits from family, friends and neighbours.

Lifestyle Programs

Making a decision to move from home into a villa home can be a daunting one.

Knowing you are in safe hands with programs to satisfy your lifestyle choices is important. Our staff provide a local caring service to help you to transition into a new lifestyle which is best suited to your needs. We identify your goals, interests and preferences and welcome you to join in the activities or programs of your choice.

Retirement living means enjoying activities that matter to you. Have your hair done, see the beautician or relax with a massage.

Health & Wellness Activity Programs

Living in one of our villas you are free to join all the social programs and activities we have on offer. Head out for a day trip on our bus, enjoy live entertainment. The social activities are wide and varied, a men’s group, ladies time, a card club, book club, or knitting club. Yes, you can even get fit joining our exercise groups.

One thing’s for sure! You will never be bored with retirement living. We provide an integrated Calendar of Events, celebrations and special cultural events.

Pastoral Care

Sometimes life seems to pass so quickly, and change happens before we know it.

We are “with you for life” and we sincerely mean it. Service for all, particularly those in need. You have got a lot of living to do!

Our Pastoral Care program recognises we all need and want love. Reaching people at all stages of life, some may need guidance, others a group to connect with or simply someone to talk to or listen to them. Our Pastoral Care program genuinely offers emotional, religious, spiritual, care and support for all, with a non-judgement and sympathetic attitude, regardless of faith.

Our caring respectful community is diverse, active and represents all age groups with many different cultures and backgrounds. The Pastoral Care program provides our residents, carers, family, staff and volunteers the support and nurture they need to feel accepted and part of a loving caring community throughout their life.

Retirement Living

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