St Agnes' Care and Lifestyle - Donnelly House

Why Choose Us?

Planning for ‘quality of life’ with your family at St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle is an empowering decision.

We Really Care

We have over 40 years’ experience in serving our community in aged care and over 25 years’ experience in Community Services. Our team of dedicated staff are here to provide you with the support you need to care for you and support you in your lifestyle of choice and “Celebrate Life”.

It is Your Needs, Your Choice

We have a wide variety services to meet individual needs.

We deliver all the services appropriate to your needs, so you can stay in your own home longer. Help with showering, gardening, shopping, food preparation, transport, social outings, medication management, after hospital care, even help with your injections.

We are Local

We are local, supporting communities from Laurieton to the Port Macquarie-Hastings and north to Kempsey. Our dedicated local team means that you always can talk to someone face-to-face.

Our staff and management are located here, which means we understand local needs and local issues. Our local history brings familiarity, comfort, a sense of belonging and unbreakable ties to the community.

We are Trusted

Our caring, trusted staff look after you!

They are a passionate, dedicated group of people, committed to serving the needs of our clients, residents and members of our community. Professional, organised teams working together, by offering comprehensive care in a genuinely supportive environment.

As an organisation, we keep your best interests at heart, which is a unique attribute that we show everyday through positive relationships, active sharing and open communication.

We are a Community

Creating a loving, caring community is at the heart of everything we do. Our community networks focus on building trusting relationships and play a significant role in supporting individuals and families across care, education and pastoral sectors.

You are Safe with Us

Professional, genuinely caring staff are hand-picked by us.

Our well-trained, trusted teams aim to provide relevant support and compassionate care. You and your loved ones will have peace of mind, knowing that the quality care you receive is the best, provided in a safe and fulfilling environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We Welcome Everyone

Everybody is welcome at St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle.

We connect you to the services you need to maintain the lifestyle of your choice, welcoming all with kindness and understanding, regardless of your background. We support you to maintain your independence, pursue your interests and stay active within your community. We can even arrange to care for your pets, as they are part of your family too.

We have Donnelly House

Donnelly House is a central place for all your enquiries, assistance and information.

Located in the heart of Port Macquarie’s town centre, Donnelly House provides a central place where you can visit and talk to our friendly staff, who help you with the whole range of St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle services. Any information, support you need or service you want to know about can be found here.

Health & Wellbeing are our Priority

Remain connected within your community, pursue your interests and keep your independence.

We support and encourage social outings and activities, uniting you with family, friends and others in the community.
Make social connections through our programs, enjoying your favourite hobbies and leisure interests creates a happier healthier you. We provide friendly and qualified staff, supporting you when you need it most.

We are Government-regulated and Approved

Our services are Government accredited and actively monitored to ensure the people we care for consistently receive a high level of quality care. We have a quality management system which guides all staff in every aspect of their work, offering premium standard of care procedures, quality activities, infection control and work, health and safety. We respect and adhere to the legislation and compliance that governs privacy, rights and responsibilities of all we care for.

About Us

Reasons why you should choose St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle

We are underpinned by Catholic faith and teachings

Our unique approach to providing care and lifestyle services

We have an ongoing process of developing and educating our staff

How we are meeting the growing needs of our community