St Agnes' Care and Lifestyle - Donnelly House

Our Vision

“Everything is to be oriented towards the praise and glory of God”

The people of St Agnes’ Catholic Parish, while recognising our human frailties, are inspired by the grace of God to use our gifts, talents and potential in striving towards this Vision… ‘whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God’ (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Our Mission

As a community, St Agnes’ Catholic Parish is committed to the fulfillment of its Vision and seeks to achieve this by acting in accordance with the following statements:

Holiness in the image of Christ
We enrich the grace life of our Baptism by supporting each other and nurturing faith through appropriate liturgies, renewal programs, opportunities and places for prayer

Proclaim the Good News of salvation
We proclaim the Good News, acknowledging the Liturgy of the Word in the Eucharist as central to this endeavour. We seek to increase and deepen the faith life of adults, to support families and evangelise the young by dedicating resources to pastoral programs.

Minister within the faith community
We minister to each other through sharing, celebrating and praying as members of a Catholic community.

The service of all particularly those in need
We respond in faithfulness to Christ’s command of love by reaching out willingly to those in need.

Our Philosophy

St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle’s person-centred philosophy of care aligns strongly to our Vision, Mission and Values. We respect all care recipients, stakeholders and staff as individuals and are committed to ensuring people receive quality care, in a safe and fulfilling environment.

St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle is the care offering of St Agnes’ Catholic Parish, and therefore is built on solid foundations. We live our mission by actioning our values in everyday operations. Our living, breathing values represent the spirit in which we operate every day, hour, minute and they fundamentally shape the culture of St Agnes’ Care and Lifestyle.

About Us

Reasons why you should choose St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle

We are underpinned by Catholic faith and teachings

Our unique approach to providing care and lifestyle services

We have an ongoing process of developing and educating our staff

How we are meeting the growing needs of our community