St Agnes' Care and Lifestyle - Donnelly House

Education and Training

St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle has an excellent reputation in its approach to staff and their continued education.

Our employees are actively encouraged to continually improve their skills in all areas of the organisation from nursing, administration, management, care services, food handling, lifestyle, quality and continuous improvement activities.

Education & Training

As well as a comprehensive level of internal training being delivered, St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle supports and encourages a range of vocational education from Certificate III levels courses through to Diplomas and Degrees with team members actively encouraged to broaden their development.

The coordination of ongoing education of staff includes:

  • education and training of staff
  • responsibility for liaising with industry and training bodies to ensure that staff are appropriately qualified and skilled
  • development of staff awareness of the St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle and St Agnes’ Catholic Parish’s values and commitment to promoting dignity and self-worth to residents using a person-centred care approach
  • ensuring all new staff are inducted through an orientation program to include their understanding and awareness of our shared values and commitment to promoting the dignity and self-worth of our residents

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