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Home Care FAQs

If you require assistance with any of the information presented here, or if you have further enquiries, please call (02) 5525 3600 Monday – Friday : 8:30am – 4:30pm or email us at [email protected] or of course you can visit us at Donnelly House, 150-152 Horton Street, Port Macquarie (access via Hayward Street).

What happens if living in my own home becomes too much?2020-09-10T15:14:43+10:00

If you need further help, you have the option of going into one of our villas in our retirement villages or Residential Care services. Just call, visit or make an appointment with a Client Relationship Officer at Donnelly House. This peace of mind comes from us knowing you and you knowing us.

How long does my Home Care Package last?2020-08-31T06:56:20+10:00

Your Home Care Package lists all the Home Care support services you need, how long you need them for, the cost and who will provide the services. It is reviewed at least once every 12 months. However, you can ask for a review any time you want. We want to help you stay in your own home as long as you can.

What do the care levels mean?2020-08-31T06:55:58+10:00

When the Aged Care Assessment Team come to interview you, they ask you questions about your needs and care. Here, your care needs are assessed into levels, low level 1-2 care needs and high level 3-4 care needs.

How much does my Home Care Package cost?2020-08-31T06:55:35+10:00

The Australian Government subsidises the cost of a range of Home Care services. You may be asked to contribute to the cost depending on the type of Home Care service and your financial situation.

What is an Advocate?2020-08-31T06:55:10+10:00

An Advocate is someone you choose to act on your behalf. They ensure the needs and wants that are important to you are heard and understood. An Advocate upholds your rights when decisions are being made about your life. Advocates are available to all Australians seeking or receiving aged care services. The service is free! Call the National Aged Care Advocacy Line on 1800 700 600 or visit the Older Persons Advocacy Network website.

Can I have someone with me during the Assessment (ACAT)?2020-08-31T06:54:44+10:00

Yes. You never have to be alone in this process. If you choose, a family member, friend or carer can be with you. If you need a translator, your assessor can arrange one. When they call to book your home assessment, let them know you need a translator.

What sort of questions will be asked in the Assessment?2020-09-10T15:15:28+10:00

The assessors may ask you about:

  • what support you already have
  • your health, lifestyle and any health concerns
  • how you are going with completing daily tasks and activities around the home
  • if you have problems with your memory
  • any issues relating to home and personal safety
  • family and community activities
  • speaking to your doctor or other health professionals.
What is this assessment called ACAT for?2021-09-15T08:48:56+10:00

This is a multi-disciplinary team of aged care specialists who come and visit you and ask you questions about your care needs. The aim is to see what your needs are and determine the level of care service to meet them. This assessment is compulsory and required by the Australian Government before a Home Care package can be approved.

Who decides on my Home Care Package?2021-09-15T08:50:42+10:00

Your Home Care Package lists all the Home Care services you need. You register at My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and book an appointment for the local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Your Client Relationship Officer at Donnelly House can then help you with creating your Home Care Package.

What is a Home Care Plan?2020-09-10T15:17:07+10:00

This plan details all your Home Care needs, wants and the services you require. You make the Home Care Plan with your Care Coordinator. Bring in your Home Care Services List which is a quick, easy tick list detailing your needs. It is your decision and the individual specialised Home Care Plan is all about you.

I cannot use a computer. Who will help me fill out forms?2020-09-10T15:17:35+10:00

Our supportive Home Care team at Donnelly House can help. Call (02) 5525 3600 to make an appointment.

I do not like asking for help?2020-08-31T06:50:49+10:00

Yes, asking for help can be difficult. However, a little support can make life easier and happier! Our pastoral care service offers someone to talk to and support you. Call the team at Donnelly House, who can visit you or arrange for an Advocate, to represent you or speak on your behalf.

I am a very private person and embarrassed about someone showering me. How can I feel more comfortable?2020-08-31T06:50:15+10:00

Our caring thoughtful Home Care staff are trained by us and genuinely want to help you make your life easier. We are a family community and treat all members with respect and dignity.

I am on a part pension. Will I have to pay for lawns, cleaners and someone to help me shower?2020-08-31T06:49:47+10:00

Our client relationship Home Care team at Donnelly House can help you with all the government forms to see if you need to pay anything.

I only want my lawns done. Is this OK?2020-08-31T06:49:22+10:00

Sure! The Home Care plan is about meeting your needs. Living independently in your own home is your choice.

What time do the cleaners come in? Will I have to wait all day?2020-08-31T06:48:56+10:00

Your Home Care Plan can list the time you prefer for cleaning and what you want cleaned. We aim to build a trusting relationship with you, so you feel comfortable and secure.

I do not like the idea of someone coming into my home. Will I get the same person cleaning my house?2020-08-31T06:48:30+10:00

We train and screen all our wonderful, trusted Home Care staff and have a long-respected reputation for the quality of our staff. In selecting your services with you we make sure you have the help you need and match you with a person that you will get to know and trust. You know we are local and can answer any questions you have via phone, email or face-to-face.

I have no family. Who can help me?2020-09-10T15:18:04+10:00

Our Client Relationship Team at Donnelly House can help you. We can also arrange for an Advocate (someone to represent you) if you choose. Visit Donnelly House 150-152 Horton St, Port Macquarie or call us on (02) 5525 3600.

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