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Retirement Living FAQs

If you require assistance with any of the information presented here, or if you have further enquiries, please call (02) 5525 3600 Monday – Friday : 8:30am – 4:30pm or email us at [email protected] or of course you can visit us at Donnelly House, 150 Horton Street, Port Macquarie.

Where can I find more information?2020-09-14T16:49:22+10:00

For more information contact our Village Living Client Relationship Officer on 0407 843 515 or (02) 5525 3600 or visit for information regarding legislations and regulations regarding retirement villages.

What happens if I decide to leave the retirement village?2020-09-15T11:19:12+10:00

There may be reasons why you might want to move from your villa. This could include changing health, family and financial circumstances. We have no exit fees, however, your care contribution is non-refundable after the first 12 months in residence.

You must provide Village Management with a written notice of your intention to vacate your villa.

Village Management must provide you with an equity letter detailing what equity you are entitled to under the Retirement Village Contract which you signed at the date of entry.

What can I expect to receive as a resident?2020-09-15T11:21:36+10:00

Security, companionship, no worries with household maintenance and more time to enjoy leisure pursuits, are just some of the many reasons people decide to move to one of our villages.

You can expect to receive 24-hour emergency assistance, day-to-day village administration and management, consisting of staff experienced with the retirement village sector; general village maintenance and gardening.

Our villages also offer residents the use of a number of community facilities such as a Chapel, a community centre surrounded by landscaped gardens, a library and craft/activities rooms. The University of the Third Age is co-located on the St Agnes’ Village site and village residents have their membership fees paid by St Agnes’ Care & lifestyle. There is also a five-day a week bus service into town and Settlement City.

The cost for these services is set in the village budget. The village budget is reviewed with the introduction of the new financial year. We ensure this budget is managed in consultation with residents. St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle supports a Pastoral Care Team, this team ministers to all of our services by caring for the needs of the residents and their families.

St Agnes’ and Lourdes Villages also have user pays services such as beauty salons, cleaning services and meals from St Agnes’ Food Services. There are also Medical Centres within walking distance.

How much will daily living at St Agnes or Lourdes Village cost?2020-09-15T11:25:38+10:00

Most retirement villages are resident-funded villages. This means that residents contribute to the costs associated with the day-to-day and ongoing management and maintenance of the village. This is an effective way of ensuring that facilities and services, that would normally be out of reach of most people, are available.

The main ongoing expenses for residents are phone, electricity, contents insurance and fortnightly recurrent charges. The recurrent charge is a fee that covers the running costs e.g. day-to-day village management and administration, general village maintenance, insurance, gardens and lawns.

The recurrent charge is in line with pension increases in March and September and costs depends on size of the villa, and whether there is a single or couple residing within your villa. Once you leave the care of St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle, you will be required to continue to pay the recurrent charges for a period of forty-two (42) days.

Do you need to be a Catholic to move into the villages?2020-08-31T13:38:59+10:00

No. St Agnes and Lourdes Villages welcome residents of all faiths and backgrounds.

Are the villas in good condition?2020-09-15T11:36:09+10:00

The age of our villas vary, however, unless it is a brand new villa, we like to renovate every unit before new residents occupy. As such you’ll be moving into a newly renovated home.

Do I ‘buy’ or ‘lease’ my villa?2020-09-15T11:36:31+10:00

Just as there are many different types of retirement villages services and facilities, there are many different types of tenure schemes available. St Agnes and Lourdes Village is a Loan and License arrangement, where you pay an ingoing contribution up front in return for the right to occupy the premises.

The ownership title is a license to occupy, which means that a villa remains the property of St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle and cannot be sold, leased, rented or given away by occupants. The owner is the Catholic Church, Diocese of Lismore and the operator is St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle.

Regardless of the tenure scheme offered at the village of your choice, you are protected by relevant state legislation. Retirement villages offering leasehold, loan/license and freehold/strata titles are governed by the Retirement Villages Act 1999/Retirement Village Regulation 2017.

Can I stay in the village if my spouse goes into residential care?2020-08-31T13:38:04+10:00

This is one of the most reassuring benefits of St Agnes and Lourdes Villages. If your spouse requires a higher level of care they are able to move to one of our Residential Care services. At the same time, you are most welcome to stay in your home for as long as you like, knowing that you will both be receiving the care you need. We have many couples where one has moved onto residential care while the other has remained at St Agnes or Lourdes Village.

Will I receive nursing care if required?2020-09-14T17:07:55+10:00

Yes – this is a frequently asked questions by residents and their families. Our point of difference is that as part of St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle, incoming residents know that in later years they will be able to move into our Residential Care services. Additionally, there is no need for transferring residents to pay an additional bond or accommodation charge.

All villas are equipped with an emergency call system that operates 24 hours a day. A telephone is absolutely essential for the emergency aid system to work correctly.

Yes I am interested in living in one of your villas, what do I do next?2020-09-15T11:37:15+10:00

Book an appointment to meet with our Village Living Client Relationship Officer at Donnelly House, 150/152 Horton Street, Port Macquarie. It is a good idea to have a checklist with you about specific accommodation, facilities or services that are important to you. You will also be provided with a General Inquiry Document and Information Pack. This documentation contains information about the type of accommodation, financial arrangements, facilities and services and resident’s rights and responsibilities.

Once you have made the decision to move into one of our villages, you will be asked to pay a refundable holding deposit, which will secure your interest in the villa of your choice. The deposit will form part of the total purchase price. The deposit is fully refundable if you change your mind about entering the village. You will be required to complete an Application Form and return it back to the Client Relationship Officer.

Once you’ve made the final decision to move, you will be issued with a contract with a Retirement Village Contract and relevant details pertaining to the village and your villa. Your solicitor will liaise with our team and start the process towards settlement – much like when you purchased your existing property. You have a 90 day settling-in period that allows you to terminate your contract within the first 90 days of becoming entitled to occupy the premises.

How close are the Villages to transport, shopping centres and medical facilities?2020-09-14T20:39:13+10:00
CBD 4 KM 2.5 KM
PUBLIC BUS STOP 10 Metres 300 Metres
CLOSEST MEDICAL CENTRE 140 Metres 650 Metres
Are there any care services available?2020-08-31T13:31:22+10:00

Depending on what you are specifically wanting we have various fee operating providers at our disposal to cater to your needs, including home cleaning and meal delivery.

Am I responsible for capital items such as roofing and guttering?2020-09-15T11:26:51+10:00

No, Village Management takes full responsibility for all capital items so you won’t even need to think about it.

What are the transport options available to residents?2020-09-15T11:27:45+10:00

A free daily bus service, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) is available to village residents to Settlement City and the Town Centre.

What happens if my partner requires additional care and can no longer stay in the village, do I need to leave as well?2020-09-14T16:58:07+10:00

No, provided your name is also on the Retirement Village Contract. We will organise the care of your partner in one of our Residential Care services.

Can I bring my pet?2020-08-31T13:30:23+10:00

Yes. We understand the bond between pets and their owners, and are happy for your pet to make the move with you. We ask that all residents adhere to the Village rules when keeping a pet in the village.

Does the villa have an emergency response device?2020-08-31T13:30:01+10:00

Yes, all villas within the Village have a device which may be used in a medical emergency.

Will I need home and contents insurance?2020-09-15T11:28:22+10:00

St Agnes’ Catholic Parish covers all building structures however you will need to have your own contents insurance.

Who pays for the telephone, electricity, pay TV and internet?2020-08-31T13:29:32+10:00

Residents are responsible for payment of their own connections and use.

Can I have guests stay overnight?2020-09-14T16:58:52+10:00

Yes. Short stays are permissible. More extended stays must be approved by the Village Manager.

Can I rent out my villa?2020-09-14T16:59:33+10:00

No, in order for us to provide a safe and secure environment for all residents, all villas must be occupied by the person or persons stated on the Retirement Village Contract.

Can I leave the villa to my family?2020-09-14T17:00:14+10:00

No, you are not permitted under the Retirement Village Contract to bestow the villa to a loved one. However, you will receive the Interest Free Loan upon departing that you may bequeath to your loved ones as desired.

Do I have to pay stamp duty?2020-08-31T13:28:34+10:00

There is no stamp duty payable when buying your home within St Agnes or Lourdes Villages.

When I move out, will I need to pay recurrent charges until my villa is sold?2020-09-15T11:38:47+10:00

If you move into a St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle Residential Care service, you will not be required to pay any further recurrent charges, however, if you move elsewhere you will be required to pay recurrent charges for 42 days after vacating the villa.

Will I be required to contribute to the refurbishment of my villa when I move out?2020-08-31T13:28:01+10:00

No this is covered by St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle.

Is there a departure fee?2020-09-15T11:39:20+10:00

No fees are charged when departing the villa.

What are the Recurrent Charges payable?2023-10-12T09:59:17+11:00

The ongoing home fees relate to the fortnightly charge associated with repairs, maintenance, grounds care, gardening and insurance.

The Recurrent Charges vary depending on the size of the residence and location of the villa.

What are the terms of occupancy?2020-09-15T11:40:21+10:00

Occupancy terms within our villas are covered under a Loan Licence Agreement. This provides the right of residency, under the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

How many villas in the Villages?2020-09-15T11:41:33+10:00

St Agnes Village has 152 villas and Lourdes Village has 68 villas.

What are the benefits of living in a St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle retirement village?2020-09-14T17:04:50+10:00

We provide you with the freedom to live independently in a high quality, low maintenance villa surrounded by like-minded neighbours. We know that needs change at different stages of life, and we offer services to assist during all stages of later life. Living within our Villages provides an array of unique services such as onsite hairdressers, a community centre and courtesy bus into the vibrant township of Port Macquarie.

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