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Respite Care

Just out of the hospital and want to return home? Caring for a loved one and need a break?

Respite care can help you with day to day tasks aiming to restore or maintain your independence at home. The help you need may be short term, a few days or a few months.

Getting help and support for you or your carer

After a hospital stay, getting help with daily tasks for a short period of time will assist in your recovery, rebuild your strength and maintain your independence.

It is okay and often wise for carers to take a break and look after themselves through Respite Care. Our qualified teams can assist in various ways, providing information, strategies, ongoing medical reviews, or simply someone to talk to.

St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle has a team of health professionals who can help with specialised Respite Care and support. If you are having difficulties looking after yourself, we can assist with a short stay in one of our Residential Care services. If you are a carer, Respite Care can give you a much needed break and you will have the peace of mind that your loved one will be looked after until you are ready. Respite Care can be used for short period of time, a few hours, a day out in the community or a stay in one of our Residential Care services. We genuinely want to help and look after you!

Residential Care

How to get started with Residential Care

As your needs change, we are with you every step of the way

We embrace an “Ageing in Place” perspective

Looking after you through activities and social connections

Getting help and support for you and your carer

We are here for you at this emotional time

We are experienced in caring for those with dementia

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