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Dementia Care Services

Dementia is a complex condition that affects each person differently. It affects thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday tasks.

Our Dementia-specific care helps you and your family understand all the changes that are happening to you or a loved one. St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle offer person-centred care that is responsive and supportive to enable you to adjust and manage the condition, helping you and your family plan for the future and live a meaningful life.

At St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle, we appreciate the emotional and physical demands of caring. Our staff receive specific training and develop specialised Care Plans to care for people with dementia and the accompanying symptoms of the condition.

You can get more information about dementia at Dementia Australia.

We offer specialised Dementia care for your loved one

Living with and caring for a partner or friend with dementia can be challenging for both you and them. For example, communication and nutritional needs may alter or hygiene may become an issue. It is common that the onset of dementia brings with it memory or behavioural challenges too.

For those living at home, there is dementia-specific support available through our Home Care program, but as the condition becomes more advanced higher care may be required.

We have dementia-care specific sections of our Residential Care services where residents live well in a happy and supportive care environment. Within these services, qualified care and clinical staff have extensive experience in caring for those with dementia, the needs and associated behaviours of the condition.

Please contact us at Donnelly House to understand what support is available to you.

Quality of life and Dementia

Our Dementia care services include 24-hour supervised care, emergency call systems, medical monitoring and assistance with daily living tasks. The living environment is pleasant and enjoyable and easy for residents to navigate. Our care and clinical teams understand the behaviours and challenges that can happen living with dementia and adopt a problem-solving team approach to minimise the impact of behaviours, ensuring clients are cared for in comfort and security. Cognitive therapies including music, art and reminiscence are used to enhance communication and social interaction in memory care residents.

All Residential Care services at St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle give each resident the best home, quality care and lifestyle and this also applies to our residents with a dementia-related condition. Health and exercise programs, gardens, socialisation activities, indoor and outdoor areas are designed for improved quality of life. We at St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle build strong communities where our care, passion, and vision enable those living with memory issues maintain their dignity, functioning and independence in a supportive caring environment.

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We have a dedicated support service to help you

We will respond to all enquiries within 48 hours

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