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Aged Care Services in Port Macquarie

St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle embrace ‘Ageing in Place’, which means as you age, you have control and flexibility to make your lifestyle choices whether in your own home, in a retirement village or in residential care.

With us, you have the reassurance that as you age, your care needs will be catered for by a dedicated organisation that cares about you.

The familiarity and comfort that this brings stays with you for life. Nursing care, everyday needs, social and wellbeing care, are all provided for in a warm friendly environment.

Living in one of our Residential Care services, becomes your new home

Living in one of our Residential Care services, we cater for your needs 24 hours a day. Having lived in the area, or in one of our villas, you will be familiar with our local community and the services we provide. Moving into one of our services in a familiar local neighbourhood is very comforting and such an advantage.

We have qualified hairdressers to give you the style you want or even a new one! Massage therapists are available for relaxation or to work muscles that ache and cause you pain. A laundry service is offered so you won’t need to worry about what you are going to wear on your next outing. We have coffee shops and entertainment areas, communal lounges and patio dining. The aim is not only to maintain your life but enrich it, so you can do more of what you love!

Person-Centred Approach

We believe in the ‘person-centred’ care approach, where the individual is the centre of the care. Our staff are professionally trained, warm and welcoming. We support your care needs and those of your loved ones, promoting dignity within a supportive, caring community.

Whatever the level of care you need, you are our focus. You may be independent and active, need on-going 24-hour nursing care or help with your medication. You are a unique individual with your own history, culture, family, likes and dislikes. This is your home and the choices belong to you. We will develop a Care Plan with you and your family or friends, to find out what foods you like, the time you prefer to eat, what activities and interests you have and how best our lifestyle wellness program can meet them.

We welcome you as part of the St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle family, celebrating diversity, lifestyle choice or faith. We encourage you to feel part of our community, connect with neighbours and invite family and friends to come visit you.

Residential Care

How to get started with Residential Care

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We embrace an “Ageing in Place” perspective

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