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Why we need your feedback.

Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable as they enable us to uphold the utmost standards of care, support, and professionalism throughout our organisation. Your input is what empowers us to enrich the lives of all those we serve. We truly appreciate your voice and the impact it has on our continuous improvement. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

What we do with your feedback.

We care deeply about what our consumers and stakeholders think. Whether you have an issue, a suggestion, or something nice to say, we want to hear it all. If there’s something wrong or you have an idea, we’ll look into it right away and keep you informed. We keep track of how we’re doing, and your help in making things better is extremely important to us. When you say something nice about us, we’ll pass it on to our teams. Your thoughts and opinions shape our future, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us give the best service and experience to everyone we serve.

We’ll work together to keep improving our services now and into the future.

How can you give feedback?

Completing the web form below, will ensure the right person will receive your feedback.

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You can either bring the completed form in on your next visit, or send the completed printed form to;

Feedback, 49 Hay St (PO Box 1736) Port Macquarie NSW 2444

If you require assistance, you are very welcome to call us or come and see us in person. We will record whatever it is you have feedback on and process the information accordingly.

If you require a interpreter, we can organise one for you.

For more information on how we can assist you, please call Donnelly House on (02) 5525 3600

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