Communication sessions build confidence and connection for St Agnes’ House residents

Kaitlyn Keegan, a certified practising speech pathologist with Hastings Macleay Speech Pathology, has been running an eight-week communication program on Fridays for a small group of St Agnes’ House residents who experience challenges with communication as part of their ageing process.

The one-hour weekly sessions focus on person-centred language-based activities designed to increase communication skills using reminiscence therapy and storytelling through visual supports.

The group of six residents (David, Patricia, Margaret, Ken, Edith and Elsie) engage in Montessori based activities involving hands-on learning, which is either self-directed or collaborative.

Kristy Morgan, Professional Services Lead for St Agnes’ Site Residential Care said Kaitlyn approached the St Agnes’ House team with this innovative idea, which has been well received by residents and their families.

“The smiles on the faces of the residents are evidence that they are really enjoying the opportunity to have a bit of fun while finding new ways to express themselves,” says Kristy.

“I want to extend a big thank you to Kaitlyn for providing such a wonderful interactive experience for our residents and to St Agnes’ House Team Leader, Jodie Simmons, for supporting Kaitlyn with this group as well,” she added.

Family members are welcome to join the residents during their sessions.

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