Emmaus Home gets its garden growing

Emmaus Home residents, the staff and Lifestyle team embarked on an exciting gardening project recently to brighten up one of their outdoor spaces.

 While the project kicked off on Wednesday 22 May 2024, months of planning laid the groundwork to bring the project to fruition says Lifestyle Coordinator Jodie McLellan.

“Lots of thought, consultation and planning had gone into the proposed garden over the past few months, so mindful of COVID safe practices and with the support of staff, the residents enjoyed planting out the space imagining all the ‘Garden Parties’ and ‘Outdoor Entertainment’ they will be able to have in the spruced-up area over the coming months,” said Jodie.

 “At the time our ancillary, kitchen and care teams at Emmaus Home were going above and beyond to meet the needs of residents during a COVID outbreak so beginning our garden project was the perfect way to lift everyone’s spirits and to maintain a positive atmosphere,” she added.

“The project, led by resident, Maureen Tooler, enlisted the help of many others including staff member Steve Powell, who embraced the task of bringing resident Maureen’s vision to life.”

“Nicole Van Vledder from Lifestyle has a keen eye for detail and that aslo proved valuable during the placement of plants for balancing colours to enrich the space. “

“It was a wonderful afternoon seeing the residents enjoying time outdoors, having fun, dancing and singing to Steve’s playlist of tunes as the garden took shape,” added Jodie.

“Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in working on this ongoing project, especially with all that was going on at the time – it is an outstanding achievement, which would not have happened without the input of many,” concluded Jodie.

Some of the group also took advantage of the beautiful day to work on a mosaic for the ‘Under the Sea’ dining experience project.

 Reflecting on the experience, staff said it was quite empowering seeing residents invested in making improvement to their environment and the quality of their lifestyle.

 Did you know Gardens are good for you?

Anyone who has ever had a garden, knows how good they feel when they spend time in it. That’s why creating inviting garden spaces is so important to the residents and staff at Emmaus Home.

From a health and wellbeing perspective there is lots of research available about the benefits of gardening on mental and physical health, particularly as we grow older.

 Fresh air and natural surroundings are known to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression whilst promoting mental well-being. Exposure to sunlight boosts vitamin D levels, enhancing bone health and immune function. The sensory stimulation from plants and nature can enhance cognitive function and provide therapeutic effects for residents.

Physical activities like walking or gardening improve mobility, strength, and cardiovascular health, reducing the impact and risk of chronic diseases. Social interactions in communal outdoor spaces foster a sense of community and combat loneliness in these times.

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