Gift exchange proves it’s the giving that matters

Over the past month some of the residents at Emmaus having been colouring-in Koalas from the Koala Sculpture Trail for the children in the Kangaroo room at Columba Cottage, who have searching town to find the Koalas for their Educational discussions and interest.

As part of their Inter-generational program, the Lifestyle team arranged the drive-by delivery of the laminated koalas on Friday 11 September.

The children, who were having a dress-up day in appreciation of the Essential Services that help to keep them safe, happily greeted their visitors through the fence (at an appropriate social distance), including Nanna Margaret Nanna Marj and Nanna Joyce, who had tears in her eyes at the beautiful response.

In exchange, the children gave the Nannas a box of precious craft to share with fellow residents back at Emmaus.

Everyone now has their thinking caps on for a Christmas exchange!!

Photo: Nanna Margaret Brown is pictured with the children from Columba Cottage

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