Gift of Quilts gratefully received

In early June, St Agnes House (SAH) received a donation of ten lovely patchwork quilts. These colourful quilts were made by the ladies known as the “Wednesday Wonders”, a part of the Timeless Quilters of Port Macquarie.

Sister Anne Hannigan was on hand to receive the quilts from the ladies and, together with Tracy Baker and Colleen Banks,  was able to pass them on to the residents of SAH and Maryknoll.

Just in time for Winter, the residents were excited to be the recipients of these quality handmade quilts.
The Wednesday Wonders Ladies of the Timeless Quilters Group donate regularly after disasters to various charities and groups in our community and beyond. They recognised a need when they heard St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle was housing persons affected by the recent floods in the hostels.

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