Graceful Silver Swans entertain St Agnes’ House residents

The Silver Swans, an Adult Ballet group, performed for the delighted residents of St Agnes’ House on Saturday morning 4 November.

Ashleigh Olsen from the Silver Swans thanked for St Agnes’ House having them on Saturday saying, “We all enjoyed the chance to perform for the staff and residents. The Silver Swans hope it was enjoyable and uplifting!”

The Silver Swans is a wonderful Adult Ballet Class for over 55’s (but of course all ages are welcome).

Dancing is great at any age – it can reduce stress, support health of mind and body, and can reduce cardio-vascular disease: it is very social; and it assists with balance, increases cognitive ability and opens connective pathways in the brain.

If you’d like to know more about the Silver Swans contact them via their Facebook Page

PS: If you look closely at the photos, you will see the familiar face of a Parish employee among the performers!

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