Homework Club students ‘too deadly’ as they celebrate their Year 6 Graduation

Family, Children and Youth Pathways, which is part of St Agnes’ Care & Lifestyle, was approached in 2022 by some Year 6 Aboriginal students from Wauchope Public School, who were being supported by the service’s fortnightly Yarn Up Homework Club, to ask if they could have a celebration to acknowledge their completion of primary school.

As a result of this request, Stacey Carney (Family Support Coordinator Team Leader) and team, in collaboration with the school and the students themselves, organised a special Year 6 graduation ceremony to celebrate not only their achievement but their Aboriginal culture as well.

Since then, this has become a much-anticipated annual event for Aboriginal students completing Year 6 and beginning their transition to high school.

This year’s event, with “Too Deadly ‘23” as its theme, was held at Wauchope country club auditorium and attended by 26 of the 31 graduating students and their families.

During the ceremony the students delivered the acknowledgement of country and thank you speeches, standing tall and proud in a space they felt safe and admired.

The event also enabled the graduating students to come together to celebrate their achievements; to farewell friends who may be attending different schools; to be acknowledged and congratulated by the team at Family, Children and Youth Pathways (FC&YP) and others who had witnessed their journey; and, to be gifted with a few school essentials, donated by the FC&YP team and Wauchope High School, to help them get off to a great start at high school.

“It was also a wonderful opportunity for our team to acknowledge the efforts of each student – we have been with them every step of the way; enjoying their successes and encouraging them through their struggles,” says Stacey.

“It is quite an emotional time for their parents, and for us, to watch as these young people acknowledge with pride their culture, their achievements and themselves as confident young learners,” she added.

“Statistics show there is still a gap in the number of Aboriginal students completing year 12. It is through events like this that parents and the community can demonstrate their pride in the efforts of these young students; encourage them to keep striving; and, let them know they have the support they need to help them achieve their dreams,” concluded Stacey.

The Yarn Up Homework Club is held each fortnight at various venues in Wauchope to assist Aboriginal children in the local community with the support they might need (including transport from school to homework club and home) to develop successful study habits and become confident learners.

For more information about the Yarn Up Homework Club contact Stacy at Family, Children and Youth Pathways on 0488339 901 or email [email protected]

The photos below are of the graduating group and the graduation event:

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