Nicola & Fiona join in walk to raise awareness and funds for Dementia Australia

Nicola Ryan and Fiona Davies, who both work at Emmaus Village, were enthusiastic participants in a walk organised by Memory Walk and Jog at Foster/Tuncurry on Saturday 11 May 2024.

Memory Walk & Jog organises fun runs and walks to raise funds to support people with dementia.

The route of walk which started in Tuncurry, went over the bridge into Forster, and offered two options for participants – one loop of 3 kilometres or two loops for a 6-kilometre walk.

Fiona, who walked with her Mum (and dog, Carmen) did the 3-kilometre circuit while Nicola and a friend did the 6-kilometre circuit.

‘Walks like this are special to me because my Nan had dementia and my uncle is living with dementia,’ says Fiona.

Everyone who took part showed admirable dedication. As the photos show, the weather was less than cooperative on the day.

“Even though it was a very wet day we all managed to have a lot of fun,” says Nicola.

“I have always taken part in the locally organised Dementia Walks to raise awareness and funds for Dementia Australia and now I work at Emmaus Village it makes it even more special,” she added.

Funds raised by the walk go to Dementia Australia (a registered non-profit charity).

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