Nightshift Nightingales 

Thank you to the wonderful night staff who helped decorate Emmaus for ANZAC Day. During their night shifts these unsung heroes put together many and varied beautiful presentations of poppies, flags, banners, and photos of soldiers throughout the building. It provided such a wonderful backdrop around the building for activities and services.

Thank You night staff. ANZAC Morning at Emmaus started off well with a BBQ breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked by Paul (Pastoral Care) and Steve (Lifestyle). The BBQ was thoroughly enjoyed by residents and staff in the Cafe while watching the Anzac Parade in Sydney on the ABC.

Two Up at 10.00am was all up in air of course, reigning confusion, because it was raining tails and heads, so much chocolate was bet on and won, stocks in Cadbury rose significantly. Residents gathered for the prayer service at 11.00am, some inside, some outside, but were all present with their presence in remembering loved ones and other soldiers, that did not come home. The Last Post played, prayers were spoken, memories and emotions shared.

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