No tall tales in this happy visit to Laurieton

Several ladies from Emmaus ventured out towards the end of October to the Laurieton Fish Co-op and onto the new wharf which is right over the water edge beside the Co-op.

Beth Anderson from the Pastoral Care team, who accompanied Marj, Margaret, Maureen, Toni, Margaret, Margaret, Pam, Doreen, Marj on their adventure, shares her experience of the day as follows:

It has been so long since we have been able to get out and about, we had to have faith that our fun outing would all come off. God was good to us.

The water was a lovely emerald colour, the sun was shining, a little breeze blew our hats about, and it was a joy to see the ladies so happy.

The birdlife, seagulls and pelicans, amused the ladies considerably as they came quite close at times, while lunch was being prepared.

The staff at the co-op were very helpful and caring and brought our lunch out to us (usually you get called back in by your number)….In fact, they need a special thanks and shout out as they would not accept payment for our drinks.

The ladies were so grateful for such a kind gesture, they wanted to say a big thank you to the proprietors. The compliments came thick and fast from the ladies about the hot and very tasty fish and chips. They couldn’t recommend the venue, the food, and the customer service more highly.

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