Pastoral Care trio complete intensive course in professional practice

Congratulations to Steve Jenkins, Beth Anderson and Jeff Coade from the St Agnes’ Care and Lifestyle Pastoral Care team who completed their Clinical Pastoral Education run by the Hunter Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education in late July 2020. They completed the intensive course over a six-month period.

Beth, Steve and Jeff completed the training by means of a supervised group and individual reflection on pastoral conversations. They completed hours of clinical work (pastoral visiting), group work, individual supervision, reflection/reading/seminar preparation and verbatim writing.

Sr Anne Hannigan RSM, Pastoral Care Coordinator thanked Beth, Steve and Jeff for their dedication in taking up this learning opportunity.

“I know we will see the benefit of their efforts in months and years ahead – it has been great to see them all grow through their learning,” Anne said.

A major outcome for participants in the course is that more aware of what is happening both within themselves and in the other person as they interact. The topics and practice covered in the course included:

  • The role of the pastoral/spiritual care practitioner.
  • Pastoral boundaries and informing principles: confidentiality, privacy, patients’ rights, ethics, pastoral care contract.
  • Becoming a reflective practitioner.
  • Pastoral interventions: listening skills, empathy, validation, encouraging story telling, pastoral relationship establishment and maintenance.
  • Theological reflection on pastoral encounters and developing one’s theology of ministry
  • Spirituality and spiritual reflection
  • Relational dynamics: interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness.
  • Culture and context.
  • Self-care: theology and practice.
  • Child Safety Standards.

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