The Royals aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good Garden Party

The only thing missing from the Emmaus Home Garden Party on Wednesday morning (26 June 2024) was a British Royal or two.

That didn’t stop twenty-four Emmaus Home residents from savouring the sunshine and indulging in a delightful morning tea at the event, held in the newly revamped garden area outside the Emmaus South Dining Room to celebrate its completion.

Surrounded by the gardens residents and staff has so lovingly planted a month ago, the group enjoyed a menu of fresh fruit platters, fruit punch drink, and fruit salad cupcakes.

With music to entertain, garden trivia questions to ponder, and the warmth of sunshine on the shoulder, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Resident, Dorothy Putica, said she really enjoyed the fresh fruit platter, especially the berries, as she hadn’t tasted them in a while.

Another resident, Elaine Brown, said she was thrilled to be able to sit in the sunshine and admire the garden on which they had all worked together.

Trivia buff and resident, Ian Handley, was in his element, enjoying himself immensely when the trivia questions were being thrown around.

In the week since the Garden Party, Emmaus Home Lifestyle Coordinator, Nicole Van Vledder, says there have been a couple of great outcomes because of the event.

‘Staff are reporting more residents are going out into the garden area into the sunshine, which is wonderful because vitamin D is so good for our health’, says Nicole.

‘Residents also gave us such good feedback about the fresh fruit platter that we are organising to have one each week at a selected lifestyle activity,’ she added.

Huge thanks to the staff including Liz Charles and our beautiful Lifestyle Volunteer, Nita Hancock, who all did an amazing job supporting Nicole with running the function.

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